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Cake Frosting

Ready-to-use icings for cakes

Find ready-to-use royal icing at Autour du cake, which can be used for all types of pastries: biscuits, cakes, cake designs, Christmas logs, etc.

Icing is an integral part of the world of pastry and cake design, we save you time by offering you different types of ready-made icings. No need to spend hours in the kitchen preparing your gmacage, thanks to our products you just have to remove the cap and start baking.

You will find several types of icing in this category:

Ready-made mirror glaze

Perfect for making shiny desserts that make you want to eat, you need mirror glaze! As its name suggests, once the cake is covered it gives a mirror effect.

We offer ready-made mirror glaze for purchase in several colors and in several formats, ranging from 200g to 400g.

Ready-to-use fondant icing

The fondant icing is used to cover pastries such as éclairs, nuns, choux or millefeuilles. As its name suggests, it has a melting appearance and is very easy to work with.

To use our fondnat icing, simply open the pot, dip your pastry and let it harden before enjoying.

You will find our ready-made fondant icing in 150gr to 1kg format.

Royal icing in a jar

Ready-made icings will save you precious time when decorating your cake. Ready-to-use royal icing allows you to cover your cakes using a spatula. Use royal icing in particular to stick your small subjects and sugar paste models on your cakes or to cover your shortbread.