Cake mixes

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Cake mixes

Preparation for cakes

Save time when making your cakes with ready-to-use preparations for cakes and pastries . Do you need to make a cake last minute? Opt for one of our foolproof preparations by adding just a few ingredients. Simplify your life by opting for quality preparations and mixtures. Thanks to our ready-to-use cake mixes, designing cakes becomes child's play whether you are an amateur pastry chef or a cake designer.

On our site you will find preparations for all types of cakes : cupcakes, shortbread, cookies, cheesecake, red velvet...

With these cake mixes, you can easily and quickly make your cakes for an impromptu snack, a last minute cake on a Sunday afternoon or even save time in the preparation of your designer cakes.

You will find a wide choice of cake mixes for a cake ready in just a few minutes. Discover a wide selection of artisanal quality cake preparations and make macaroons, sponge cakes, cakes, cupcakes, sponge cakes, etc. In our constant search for something new, we have recently offered you ready-to-use organic preparations!

Your questions about cake mixes

Cake mixes are very practical elements of baking, when used correctly they allow you to save precious time in making different cake and biscuit doughs. You still need to know how to use them! We answer all your questions right here.

How to use cake mix?

The ready-made mixes for preparing cakes and pastries are very simple to use, for the most part you will need the basic ingredients: eggs, butter, water or even crème fraîche. In general, you will find the necessary ingredients on the packaging of the cake mix.

Once the food is gathered, use your pastry robot and mix all the ingredients together. It then takes a few minutes of mixing to mix the ingredients and obtain a preparation worthy of the greatest pastry chefs.

In this category you will find all our cake preparations to save precious time in the kitchen.

How to store your preparation?

When your cake mix is still in the packaging, store it away from light and in a cool, dry place. The protective packaging must not be broken for optimal conservation. Also make sure not to exceed the expiration date written on the packaging.

When your preparation is ready you can keep it in the fridge for up to 2 days, but we recommend that you use it straight away to make your cake.