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Cupcake Pan

Buy cupcake mold and muffin mold

Cupcakes are essential in cake design, for presenting magnificent sweet tables. However, you need a high-performance cupcake mold to make them.

That's what you'll find in this category: molds to make cupcakes or muffins of professional quality!

Mainly made of rigid aluminum, our molds have the advantage of being very resistant while remaining affordable; they also have non-stick characteristics, allowing easy and quick removal of the cupcakes.

Don't forget to place your cupcake liners in the cavities of the cupcake mold before pouring your batter in!

Cupcake Pan

Cheap cupcake and muffin molds

We offer several models of cupcake molds. Mainly made of aluminum, they are of excellent quality for professionals and individuals. We have the famous brands PME, Wilton and Lily Cook from the baking world. Cupcake molds generally have a non-stick coating, allowing easy release of your pastries.

Cupcake molds are available in different sizes.

With one mold, you can either make 6 muffins or cupcakes, or 12, or 24 depending on your desires and needs. Some allow you to obtain large cupcakes and muffins with a diameter of 5 cm at the bottom. Others are designed to make mini cupcakes 3.5 cm in diameter. These are very popular to complete your trays of reduced pastries.

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Perfect baking thanks to the cupcake mold

It is important to have a cupcake pan for baking and a cupcake liners. Indeed, without this essential equipment you will not be able to make cupcakes worthy of the name.

For optimal results you must:

- Place the boxes in the mold recesses.

- Fill each case with the cupcake batter.

- Bake for about 15 minutes.

The mold prevents your filled cases from collapsing during baking, and it also greatly facilitates the unmolding of your pastries.

A little history of the cupcake

The cupcake is a small cake that comes directly from the United States, it was first mentioned in the 1800s. In French it translates to cup and cake, this name certainly comes from the molds used in the past to make them .

Today cupcakes are real little stars of baking, and we understand why: they are simple to make, and can take on countless tastes.

Besides, if you want to make some you can follow one of our cupcake recipes .

The difference between a muffin and a cupcake

Many people confuse muffins with cupcakes. Even though these two mini cakes look similar, there are many differences. Visually, the cupcake is generally upright with the top aligned with the bottom. While the muffin often has an overflowing swollen top which gives a pretty mushroom shape. We are also more accustomed to making frosting on cupcakes unlike muffins which are very rarely covered with cream. The cupcake is the creative individual cake, we tend to decorate it with confetti and color it.

The muffin is sufficient in itself. In taste, the cupcake and the muffin are also different. The cupcake is almost entirely sweet while there are many savory versions of the muffin. The latter is considered a quick bread. Dry ingredients are prepared separately from liquid ingredients. The cupcake is lighter and more airy. They are based on classic cake batter.

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