Round cake molds

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Round cake molds

Cheap round cake mold

The round cake mold is the basic utensil in baking. It is essential to have at least one in your closet. Thanks to this round dish, you can create cakes and a multitude of desserts with varied flavors and textures. There are also spherical molds to make cakes that are rounder than life!

All our round springform molds are non-stick, whether silicone, stainless steel or aluminum. They are therefore practical and easy to use for professionals and amateurs alike. Find round cake molds at the best prices on

Our tall and straight molds for Cake Design

Cake designers' favorite round cake mold is obviously that of the PME brand. It is made of professional quality solid aluminum. It guarantees excellent cooking and is very resistant to the ravages of time. Find out why aluminum is one of the best materials for molds in our article choosing the material for your cake mold .

It is available in 2 different heights, 10 and 7.5 cm. Whether it's one or the other, it allows you to make tall sponge cakes with straight edges for your cake designs.

The most used are those of 15, 18, 20 or 24 cm. All you have to do is choose the height and diameter depending on the number of shares you need. It will allow you to make cakes with magnificent round shapes.

Our round silicone molds for desserts

Who doesn't know the Silikomart brand molds ? If this is your case, you absolutely must test them to make desserts. In addition to having superb modern and original designs, they allow easy unmolding. Some models of round cake molds have a hole in the center which is super trendy at the moment.

You will find more than ten different ones, with innovative and appetizing shapes and curves, these desserts will be a sensation on your dessert table.

Our special round tart and cake molds

Finally, we offer traditional round tart pans, one of which has a perforated bottom for better baking. There are also basic cake pans with curved edges. We also have round molds with leaning effects for a fun cake, and checkerboard molds for two-taste cakes.

But that's not all ! We offer springform molds with a removable base to allow easy unmolding. Layer cake molds to allow you to make layer cakes for wedding cakes or others.

In short, a bunch of round molds to allow you to make any of your cake or cakedesign recipes!

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