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Chocolate work

Chocolate working equipment and utensils

Do you like chocolate ? We are convinced that you will love making them yourself!

Making your own chocolates at home is becoming more and more popular, particularly for Christmas and Easter. More than a consumer product, it has become a gift that is all the rage and will awaken the taste buds of gourmands!

Chocolate molds

To make your homemade chocolates, you definitely need a mold, there are several shapes and materials.

The polycarbonate mold allows you to be versatile since you can also make chocolates, filled candies and fried foods. It allows you to obtain clean and regular edges, perfect for making assemblies.

Silicone molds are the most modern, they allow you to make very advanced and very fine shapes, the details are perfectly reconstructed.

Chocolate in pebbles

Perfect for melting, chocolate pebbles are very often better quality chocolate than bars. All you have to do is pour them into the chocolate tempering machine or your saucepan and that's it.

The essential utensils

To make your own chocolates, you don't need to equip yourself with the latest utensils, but a little equipment is essential all the same. Rhodoid leaf is very useful for making your chocolates. The sugar thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature of the chocolate, since it is necessary to respect precise temperature curves. If you want to make chocolates coated with white chocolate, you will need a coating ladle and a cooling rack!

To work with chocolate you need a minimum of equipment to successfully tame it (thermometer, chocolate molds or transfer sheet)! We offer you everything you need here!

Make your own Christmas chocolates

There's no Christmas without chocolate, right? Savoring chocolate provides everyone with a pure moment of pleasure for our taste buds. It is essential to our Christmas menu and is therefore an integral part of the magic of Christmas .

This confectionery is also a safe bet for a Christmas gift. And the latter will be even more appreciated if you have made it yourself with love. No more buying your Christmas chocolates ready-made, make them at home using our utensils and ingredients at the best prices.

Thanks to our ingredients and equipment, it is now easy to make your own Christmas chocolates . In addition to making them in the shapes you want, you can personalize and decorate them. You can even make organic Christmas chocolate or sugar-free chocolate according to your tastes and your diet.

Once your chocolates have been shaped, all you have to do is wrap them in boxes with pretty little boxes or put them in candy bags to give them to your loved ones for Christmas.

What equipment to make your Christmas chocolates?

You will need to have several utensils to make your own chocolates.

First choose the chocolate carefully, you can buy it directly on our site, dark, white or milk chocolate, it depends on your preferences. These are very good quality chocolates and perfect for baking.

After melting your chocolate you need to have a Christmas chocolate mold, there are two types: polycarbonate or silicone. They allow you to create pretty Christmas shapes, like with the 3D tree mold or the Christmas character mold .

Pour the chocolate into the mold's receptacles and put it in the fridge. A few hours later your chocolates are ready to be unmolded.

You may also need other accessories for melting chocolate, such as a thermometer, rhodoid leaves, chocolate cooling spray to make beautiful solid chocolate sculptures...

Decorate your own Christmas chocolates

Your chocolates come out of the fridge and are already damn appetizing! Why not make them even prettier with some decorations?

You can sprinkle Christmas sprinkles on your not-yet-set chocolates. As the chocolate is still soft the sprinkles will be 'stuck' and will not fall.