Gift ideas for baking

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Gift ideas for baking

Gift idea for baking

Do you want to please a fan of pastry or cake design? Find our gift idea section for pastry.

For all your occasions you will find THE right idea to please. The gift card will be the perfect idea to delight your loved ones at a safe cost and allow them to enjoy our wide choice of traditional pastry products, designer cakes and creative pastries.

For a more personal gift , offer them one of our flagship products which will equip your loved ones as perfect cake designers.

Among our selection, find our collection of devices specific to cake design. Airbrush, chocolate temperer, thermometer, laminator or even cake steamer will give your loved ones the opportunity to create the best cakes worthy of a great cake designer.

Don't forget that it's an investment, you will enjoy the good pastries that your loved ones prepare thanks to your gift.

How is the gift card used?

The pastry chef's gift card is very easy to use.

You simply have to order it on our site and choose one of the designs that you like, then choose whether you send the gift card directly to a loved one or whether you prefer to print it.

You will subsequently receive a code entitling you to the value of the gift card as a voucher, it can also be partially used!

Utensils and baking equipment to offer

Cake mold box, case of nozzles, turntable, whipped cream siphon, batter pourer, hand mixer or even the essential Silikomart molds to offer for all occasions, you are sure to please amateur and seasoned pastry chefs alike.

So that your loved ones make you the most beautiful designer cakes, offer them materials and decorations for a breathtaking cake. An embosser with fancy writing for a modern cake or rather a classic embosser for a more traditional decor?

Also find our cookie cutters, modeling molds and piping bags to create magnificent decorations.