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Wedding cake decoration

Wedding cake decorations

Are you looking for wedding cake decorations?

On Autourdugâ, you will find inexpensive wedding cake decorations but also all the utensils necessary to make your wedding cake. Make the cake for the happiest day of your life unforgettable.

The wedding cake is the star of weddings at the moment, in French it can be translated as 'wedding cake', but it refers to a way of decorating a cake in cakedesign.

It is an imposing cake, generally made up of at least two layers, it is intended to be ostentatious and is the centerpiece of a wedding. It is covered with sugar paste or cream and is decorated in different ways with edible or non-edible pieces.

To make them you will need molds of different heights and diameters, and above all patience because you will have to cover each layer with sugar paste and decorate it carefully. In cake design we also use dummy cakes to make this type of cake, there is therefore less cake to prepare, this technique can prove practical for making an impressive wedding cake without multiplying the number of pieces to serve.

Cakedrums are also widely used as decorative supports for wedding cakes.

Our selection of edible wedding cake decoration ideas

Among our edible wedding cake decorations you have the choice between more traditional decorations or more modern decorations for an original and unforgettable wedding cake.

Our wafer flowers to place on the surface of your cakes will wonderfully decorate all your wedding cakes and will add an elegant touch to simple weeding cake decorations. Sprinkles and confetti will add color and a festive touch to all your wedding cakes.

Finally, for an unforgettable wedding cake, our cake contours and discs are the right idea. Printed on sugar leaves, you can place them on the surface and around the edges of your wedding cake for a fabulous decoration.

100% personalized wedding cake

Do you want your cake to really suit you and be personalized for this special occasion?

Our edible photos are the great wedding cake decoration idea. Printed on sugar sheets, your photo will be entirely edible and all you have to do is place it on your wedding cake.

To do this, follow the guide to sticking an edible photo .

Inedible wedding cake decoration

To enhance your wedding cake we offer modern and original non-edible decorations. Do you want a more modern decor idea?

With our selection of cake toppers , find a wide choice of cake toppers to find the perfect model that will be on top of your wedding cake. In addition to being original, you can personalize it with the initials or first names of the bride and groom for a cake that is out of the ordinary. Then add ribbons and candles to add the finishing touches to your magnificent wedding cake.

You will of course find the late wedding figurines to place on the cake.

How to decorate a wedding cake?

To decorate your wedding cake first of all you need to decide on the general theme of your wedding. Whether romantic, modern, vintage or country, your wedding theme influences the decoration of your cake.

Then choose the color of the wedding cake. Select a color palette that matches your wedding colors. You can use bright, bold colors, soft pastel tones, or even a metallic color palette for added class.

Once the theme and color have been chosen, let's move on to the decoration. For example, use flowers, a classic element for decorating wedding cakes. You can choose fresh flowers to match your bridal bouquet or opt for flowers made of sugar or sugar paste.

Ribbons and lace can add a touch of elegance to your wedding cake. Choose satin ribbons in your wedding colors and use them to trim the edges of the cake.

Place personalized toppers on the cake! This is a great way to personalize your cake, such as with the bride and groom's first and last name, with their initials or with a personalized photo.

Finally add edible details like sugar pearls, edible silver leaves, chocolate chips or sugar paste subjects, you can even opt for sugar paste modeling with the image of the bride and groom.

You have all the cards in hand to decorate your wedding cake .

Where to find wedding cake decorations?

On Autourdugâ of course! In this category you will find all the wedding cake decorations you have always dreamed of. Cake topper, sugar flowers, figurines, edible photos, cake display and even room decorations for the wedding.

Always at the best price and delivered quickly, your wedding cake decoration is in good hands with Autour du cake.