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Cake decoration

Cheap cake decoration and pastry

Decorating a birthday, wedding, baptism or even baby shower cake has never been so simple with our very large choice of cake decorations.

You will find edible sugar decorations made from matzo, sugar paste, marzipan, icing sugar, flour, pastillage... But also non-edible cake decorations: figurines, cake topper, face topper, birthday candles, inedible plastic subjects...

Find in this category all the essential cake decorations at low prices. Don't forget food coloring for birthday cake decoration, they directly color your preparation, you can also opt for a cake covered with sugar paste.

Among these two categories you will find different themes to decorate your cake depending on its theme or the event, in fact if you are preparing a wedding cake, sugar flowers will be ideal. If you are preparing a Paw Patrol themed cake you will need the dog crest cake topper. In short, you will find in our category the cake decoration you need for your pastry.

Cake decoration

Cake decorating: child's play with our products

Cake decoration and cake design trends are evolving all the time, which is why we always offer you products at the cutting edge of novelty and practicality for your baking moments.

Edible cake decorations

When we talk about edible decorations we are referring to anything that can dress up your cake without making you sick: sprinkles, sugar mats and leaves, sugar flowers, edible confetti, sugar paste and many others.

You can place them in different ways, and they don't all work the same way ! Some hold using edible glue on the edge of a cake, like edible flowers for example. Others hang directly on buttercream like the unleavened or sugared subjects. Some are also placed on your cake to cover it completely, like sugar paste or edible photos.

Edible decorations are also made of different materials : sugar paste, pure sugar, rice flour, almond paste, corn, etc. In short, a multitude of tastes and colors to easily dress your cake. Each ingredient in our products is detailed in the ingredient section of the product sheet, so you can't go wrong if you need to prepare a cake for a special diet.

Edible cake decorations also take the form of several themes and trends . You can use them for all your events: on a wedding cake, for a Snow Queen or Paw Patrol birthday, for a slightly girly theme or a football theme or even for a Valentine's Day cake design.

In short, in this category you will find a wide choice of cake decorations to enhance your dessert, at the best price.

Inedible decorations

As their name suggests, these decorations cannot be eaten, and you should definitely not try to do so.

When we talk about inedible cake decorations, we are talking about products made of plastic, acrylic, wood or porcelain, these decorations are there to look pretty and that's all. So be careful if you are making a cake for a child's birthday, to watch out for greedy little hands that could grab the decorations and put them in your mouth, we advise you to use edible decorations instead.

In this category you will find the essential non-edible decorations: cake, face and cupcake toppers, ribbons for cakes, candles and figurines to place on your cake.

Non-edible decorations can also be combined with your cakdesign directly. For example, with a doll bust that you place on a cake you can create a buttercream dress, starting from the base of the bust and tracing small circles of cream to the top of the pastry. This will give you a princess-themed cake.

The non-edible cake decoration also comes in different themes and adapts to the colors of your cake. Whether it's a hunting, fishing, dog, car or other cake topper, you will find something to decorate your cake easily in this category. Cake figurines representing Mickey, Disney princesses, football players... are also available at the best price. You will find classic themes like Christmas, unicorns, dinosaurs...

The decorations are also available under license, if a member of your family is a fan of a series like Spider Man, or the Avengers, official products which will allow you to decorate your cake design in the favorite colors of the birthday person.

Birthday cake decorations

To succeed in decorating a birthday cake every time, you must first of all succeed in baking, and that necessarily requires a good birthday cake decoration.

In this category of cake decorations you will definitely find what you are looking for, whether in edible or non-edible decorations: For example, you can cover your birthday cake with sugar paste, then surround it with a ribbon. for cake, to finally plant a birthday candle on top. You can also cover it with buttercream, place edible subjects and sprinkles everywhere and plant a personalized cake topper on top.

But you will also find in this category everything you need to decorate your birthday cake with official cartoon themes, or other more classic themes. So the Paw Patrol, Snow Queen, Mickey Mouse birthday cake themes are up to you... You will find different decorations under the sign of these different themes: edible photo, candles, figurines...

To complete your birthday cake decoration, buy colorful birthday decorations .

Your questions about cake decoration

Cake decorations come in countless forms, they may or may not be edible and they do not have the same way of being stored. You will find decorations of both types for sale on our site, but before you start purchasing you need to ask yourself a few questions and, above all, have their answers!

On which cakes should you place cake decorations?

Decorations can be placed on all cakes and pastries. But there are things that are done and others not.

For example, you will never see a sugar figurine on a chocolate éclair, but you might see sprinkles. You will never see a wafer disc on a strawberry plant but you might see strawberry charlotte figurines.

It's all a question of dosage, overloading your cake with decorations won't do it any good, you have to act sparingly, a few sugar balls here, a few sugar flowers there.

You will find on our site something to satisfy your cake decoration desires, whatever the occasion and whatever the type of cake.

How to decorate a cake?

Edible or inedible cake toppers can be used on your cakes, cupcakes and/or individual pastries.

For sprinkles, sprinkle colored sprinkles or sugar pearls on the icing to add pep. For sugar flowers and other sugar paste subjects, delicately place the subjects on top of your pastries.

For edible photos, place them on icing or sugar paste to add personalized and unique images.

The topper is also customizable and can be inserted directly into the pastry.

Using cake decorations is a creative way to personalize each of your creations.

How to store cake decorations?

To keep an edible cake decoration :

In general they are made of sugar or matzo, so they must be kept in their original packaging or in cling film, this avoids them drying out. Some cake decorations can be kept in the fridge and others will not tolerate it, like sugar paste for example. For the latter, a cupboard protected from the heat will do the trick.

To preserve an inedible cake decoration : Here conservation is much simpler since we are not talking about perishable foods. However, they are subject to breakage, particularly for cake toppers which can be fragile. If you want to use them more than once, you will need to keep them safe from small hands, in sturdy packaging that absorbs shock, bubble wrap is ideal.

Where to buy cake decorations?

At Autourdugâ of course! In this category you will find the majority of cake decorations to embellish your dessert. Everything you need is available, edible: matzo and sugar subjects, sprinkles, sugar pearls, sugar flowers... And inedible: toppers, candles, figurines, ribbons...

Are there customizable cake decorations?

We offer cake decorations for sale , in different shapes and which are also customizable. For example, you will find a cake topper category, on which you can write your first name, your age and recently print a photo. Another type of cake decoration that you can personalize, edible photos! These are photos made of sugar that are placed directly on the cake. A decoration offered at the best price and which will have an effect on your cake design.

You will also find customizable cupcake toppers with a photo to decorate a cupcake, we have also recently offered personalized cake trays on which you can write text and/or a logo. So we decorate the cake, but also the outside!

You will definitely find what you are looking for in our cake decoration category!