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Cheap Easter cake decoration

Whether you want to make a traditional cake or want to make an original dessert for Easter, it is important to bring a fun and colorful Easter cake decoration . In this category you will find many cake decorations for Easter, as well as many utensils and molds to realize all your gourmet desires for this celebration. Something to delight young and old alike with colorful, chocolatey treats.

Find on Autourdugâteau everything you need to prepare and decorate this very special Easter cake . As well as all the Easter recipes on our blog!

Easter theme sugar paste decorations

We offer different sugar decorations to decorate your Easter cakes, cupcakes and muffins.

The rabbit being the emblematic animal of Easter, you will find pretty and fun sugar subjects and little decorations representing it. Of course, other sugar animals such as chicks, hens or sheep are also available.

You can also find sugar butterflies, mini sugar paste flowers, sugar confetti in spring colors and special Easter sprinkles.

Simply order it and place it on your Easter cake using a little edible glue or by simply placing them on top of buttercream!

Edible Easter-themed photos

In addition to sugar subjects, you will find on our site numerous food impressions on the theme of the Easter festival. These photos take several shapes: discs, rectangles, squares, mini discs... And are very easily placed on top of cakes and other cupcakes to give an unrivaled decoration!

Whether it is rabbits, eggs and other chickens which are represented in the edible photos or simply a photo of you and your family, it is an ideal decoration to give color and personalize your Easter cake design.

Everything you need to make an Easter cake

In addition to offering you Easter cake decorations, we suggest you take the opportunity to equip yourself with everything you need to make your Easter cake!

Easter Cookie Cutters

Just like you, we love making personalized cookies, especially for special occasions like Easter. We have a wide range of cookie cutters to give your biscuits beautiful shapes with the Easter spirit: rabbit head, chick, carrot, chicken, sheep, Easter egg pasta cutters, etc.

Baking utensils for Easter chocolate

Our modeling molds allow you to make Easter chocolates in the shape of a rabbit but also in a circle, square or cigar. It's always better to make your own homemade chocolates and offer them to your loved ones rather than buying them. You will find on our blog all the homemade chocolate recipes to make them yourself.

You will find a multitude of Easter chocolate molds in our category!

Easter cake molds

You can easily make Easter cakes thanks to our selection of rabbit molds, flower molds and many others. You can buy them in silicone or stainless steel. Our molds are of high quality and usable by professionals, you can discover them all in our cake mold category.