Edible photo

Photo for edible cake and personalized food print

Do you want to make a cake with a photo ? We make your image and/or photo edible by printing it on a sheet of sugar that you just have to place on your cake. You can choose one of our many decorations and add photo(s) and/or text(s). This personalized sugar leaf can be stored for between 4 and 6 months after receipt in a simple cupboard away from light and humidity.

The custom food printing we offer is of premium quality and the colors look great after printing, our system is approved and thousands of customers have been satisfied!

Edible photo for cake

Do you want to personalize your cake? Opt for one of our edible prints to personalize with a photo ! Print your photo directly or choose from one of our photo frames and insert your photo inside! You have the choice of the size of your personalized edible sugar sheet : round, rectangular in A4, A3 format or in a miniature version for your cupcakes, for example with a 5 cm round edible photo format.

Edible Cake Outlines

You can also opt for a customizable cake outline with a photo of your choice or for a cake outline on one of the many themes or patterns offered. Our cake outlines are printed on a sugar strip and can be affixed to sugar paste or marzipan. Enough to add originality to your creations and make your birthday, baptism or special occasion cake unique.

Edible photo kit

For total customization, discover our edible photo kits including 1 sugar disc to personalize with a photo and an edible cake outline. Discover a wide choice of cake decorations on the theme of Spiderman, mermaids, pirates, music, football, firefighters for a birthday but also edible photo kits for a wedding, a baptism, a baby shower...

By purchasing your food print on environdugateau.fr you guarantee unrivaled sugar printing quality and rapid printing of your edible photo: the same day. Receive your cake customization in just a few days.

How does food printing work?

When you buy a food print on Autourdugâteau.fr you can first personalize it with one or more photos and one or more texts. Once you are satisfied with your customization we receive it and begin work.

We use the best materials to carry out your food printing , this involves a quality sugar sheet, state-of-the-art printers and of course very high quality edible ink.

The latter is the most important because if the ink is of poor quality, the print will completely fail.

How to use your food printing?

Your food printing can be used in two ways, cold thermal shock or hot thermal shock.

For cold thermal shock, place your food print in the freezer for 2-3 minutes, then "roll" the sheet on the edge of a table or work surface, it should peel off by itself!

For hot thermal shock, use a hair dryer and blow hot air about 30 cm from the food print , the edges should start to peel off little by little. Be careful not to concentrate the airflow in one place for too long.

How to maintain a food impression?

To preserve your food print it's simple, you must place it in a cool, dry place and protected from light. A kitchen cupboard is perfect, we advise you to place it in the upper cupboards, away from wandering hands and above all without anything on top, it must not be crushed.

The sun and heat are the main enemies of food printing , in fact under the effect of UV rays and heat the food ink which makes up the print will melt and the color will lose its intensity.

You can generally keep your food print for 4 to 6 months in this way, for even greater security we advise you to keep it in its packaging and in a closed box.

Where to buy food prints?

On Autourdugâteau.fr our food prints are at the best price all year round, so you can buy the one you want very easily thanks to our very easy-to-use printing and personalization system.

You will then receive your food print very quickly and with a tutorial designed to teach you how to paste your edible photo.