Edible Cake Outlines

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Dress up the border of your cake with a strip of edible sugar sheet to make your dessert unique. Dozens of themes are available for the cake border: child, adult, girl, boy, cinema, manga, jungle, birthday...

Available at the best price on Autourdugâteau.fr, the cake border is simple and quick to apply, allowing you to decorate the edge of your cake or cake design with your photos or a theme.

Sold in packs of 3 strips, we offer around a hundred edible cake borders. Each measuring 27cm long by 6.5 cm high, they are rectangular in shape, so you can cover a cake between 81cm and 27cm in diameter.

Cake borders are entirely edible, being mainly composed of tapioca starch, sugar, and corn syrup. A photo or text is then printed with food ink on the blank border strips.

Indeed, the cake border is never the most beautiful part. The edges are not always straight and they can be crumbly. The sugar sheet border is therefore a good solution to camouflage all the flaws of a cake design, as well as to personalize it!

Edible Cake Outlines

Customizing the outline of a cake

We offer customizable cake outlines with your photo and text. On some, you can add multiple photos. On others you can only put a first name or a message, choose the one that best suits your needs.

To personalize the outline of the cake it's very simple, you just need to choose a good quality photo and place it as you wish on our personalization tool.

We also offer for sale, cake outlines with different themes , they too are customizable and you can for example place a photo of your child next to Pikachu, a princess, an Easter bunny, dark Vader...

How to use a cake outline?

To place a customizable cake outline, your cake must be covered with sugar paste, marzipan or even chocolate paste. Do not use buttercream or fruit curd for example, otherwise the sugar/matzo sheet will melt.

Use edible glue to stick the cake outline, to do this, brush one of the strips and place it around the edge of the cake, do the same with the 2nd and the 3rd, making sure to match the edges of the cake outline.

Be careful not to place the cake outline too early, maximum 2 to 3 hours before serving your cake, otherwise the print may not come out well. Do not place the cake in the fridge if you have glued the cake outline either, humidity is in fact the main enemy of the sugar sheet.

How to hide the outline of a cake?

To hide the outline of a cake which may be unsightly, cover it with buttercream or sugar paste. Once covered with these ingredients you will have plenty of time to decorate it. Starting with the edible and customizable cake outlines!