Mini obleas comestibles para decoración de cupcakes

Mini obleas comestibles para decoración de cupcakes

Small wafer discs for cupcakes

Decorate your cupcakes using these 100% edible mini wafer cupcake discs. Each disc measures Ø 5 cm and is perfectly suited to be used with cupcakes. Also find our selection of cupcake equipment to easily prepare and decorate your desserts.

Azyme is a dough in which there is no leaven, so it does not rise. It has no taste either, unlike the edible photo which has a slightly sweet and vanilla taste.

How to use them?

To use these mini wafer discs you will first have to learn how to remove a wafer sheet from its support .

You also have to choose the right cake, because the small wafer discs do not tolerate humidity well. For example, cupcakes are perfect to use with these mini matzos. If you want to cover a larger cake you will need to use a matzo disc or for a less round cake a rectangular matzo .

You have two ways to place them on your dessert:

Place it directly on the buttercream . After peeling off your mini disc, you can place it directly on the cupcake previously covered with buttercream. Be careful not to push it in too far.

Make a support out of sugar paste . If your cupcake is not covered with buttercream, you can make a round sugar paste support for your mini disc. You will then need to use edible glue to hold the base of the support to the cupcake.