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Pastry equipment

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Equip yourself to bake

All pastry equipment . Pastry is a real taste pleasure but it is also about sharing and pleasing those close to you. There is nothing better for a pastry chef than to see his guests happy tasting his sweet preparations and asking for more.

Dessert is undeniably one of the French's favorite moments during a family reunion. It is therefore important to end the meal on a good sweet note. So we all seek to make pastry the centerpiece of dinner.

Pastries are also the star elements of many events such as birthdays, weddings, baptisms or baby showers. They make the eyes shine and tickle the taste buds of young and old alike.

A chocolate cake, a fruit tart, a macaron cake or even an iced log are always a treat when they are homemade. No more industrial pastries, it's up to you to make your cakes. So equip yourself with baking equipment to make an excellent dessert and impress your loved ones!

But to make delicious pastries, you need to equip yourself with quality pastry equipment . You've come to the right place to buy all the pastry equipment you need to make cakes, desserts, tarts, cupcakes, logs...

Buy cheap pastry equipment

Whether it is to make simple and effective cakes or original and elegant desserts, it is essential to be equipped.

With our low-cost pastry equipment, we support you throughout your sweet recipe creations.

We offer the necessary utensils to make your cake batters : kitchen mat, spatula, rolling pin, spatula, etc.

You can do creative baking with our cookie cutters to give pretty original shapes to your shortcrust pastry.

For baking your pastries , we have a wide choice of cake molds. We have round, square and rectangular molds of different sizes. We also have molds for elegant desserts and molds for individual pastries such as cupcakes, muffins or macaroons. Pastry circles are also on sale to make the most beautiful tarts, a wide choice of pastry equipment to prepare cakes..

We also have baking strips to obtain soft cakes with perfect cooking on the inside without being overcooked on the sides. You can also get baking sheets or cooling racks to properly bake and then rest your desserts.

The last step but not the least is the cake decoration . The pastry equipment most used by pastry chefs to decorate their cakes is the pastry tip combined with the piping bag. This allows you to make pretty patterns or effects with cream or icing. Finally, you will have the opportunity to enhance your pastries with our syringes and pastry pens and color them with our kitchen brushes.

You can also cut your pastries clearly and cleanly with our pie servers and our cake lyres. You will thus serve beautiful portions to your guests.

Pastry enthusiasts or professionals, choose our inexpensive and excellent quality pastry equipment! Buy your pastry equipment online and receive it quickly in approximately 24/48 hours.

Professional pastry equipment

Are you a professional pastry chef, cake designer, baker or event organizer and are you looking for a supplier and wholesaler of pastry equipment? You are in the right place !

Autour du Gâteau specializes in professional pastry equipment . Whether for traditional pastry or for creative pastry, you will find all the essential accessories for making your desserts.

We sell all the pastry utensils of the biggest brands recognized in the professional sector: PME, Wilton, Lily Cook, Silikomart, Funcakes, SilkyTop… In addition to having a very complete range of pastry equipment, we strive to provide you with offer utensils at the best prices on the market. You can also order baking supplies in large quantities, such as sugar paste for example.

Professional quality, our pastry utensils are very resistant and durable over time. It is therefore very advantageous in the long term to invest with us. We are constantly seeking to offer you the latest trends in pastry, to innovate and improve our products.

Don't wait any longer, trust us and choose our professional pastry equipment!

Pastry equipment for individuals

Individuals can also purchase pastry equipment on our site, not just professionals. So if you are a beginner you are also in the right category.

Our top quality pastry equipment allows you to make all the pastries you want: chocolate cake, strawberry charlotte, savoie or yogurt cake, small pastries, etc. But also everyday dishes like your own bread, your olive cakes, gratins...

Thanks to our many recipes and tutorials you will be able to bake like a real chef. No more soft or overcooked trom cakes, incipid flans, our pastry equipment and our explanations on their uses will allow you to always be on top of baking and cooking.

Affordable baking equipment . In addition to offering you top quality pastry utensils, they are sold at an unbeatable price on Autourdugâ, no more breaking the bank for your cake molds or pastry cases, we always make sure to offer our utensils at low prices.

The essential list of baking equipment

If you don't want to waste time or if you don't want to risk missing a recipe, we advise you to have these baking utensils and equipment in your cupboards:

- A measuring cup or a kitchen scale , essential to correctly manage the quantities of the different ingredients in your recipe.

- A kitchen brush , for brushing an egg mixture to brown it, for using edible paint, in short, an essential pastry utensil.

- A cake mold, essential for making sweet cakes or savory cakes!

- A silicone spatula (or spatula), whether you are a cake designer or pastry chef, it is essential since it allows you to mix, break whites, incorporate dough, scrape the bottom of a mold...

- A whisk, every good pastry chef has a whisk, it is essential for whipping eggs for example.

- A rolling pin . Another classic that you absolutely need, it will be used to spread cake dough, almond paste, or even sugar paste!

- A cooking plate . For cooking or to serve as a place to store your pastries in the fridge, it's essential!

- A baking mat . To make cookies, meringues, shortbread or any other pastries, this pastry mat allows you to protect your oven and you have a great support for your pastries.

- One or more pastry bowls . The essential container to hold all your pastry mixtures.

- A nozzle and a piping bag . Whether reusable or not, the piping bag coupled with a pastry tip will serve you to stuff and enhance all your preparations. Mainly popularized with cream puffs, they are now used in decoration with all kinds of shapes of nozzles.

You may also need pastry equipment such as an offset spatula, a piping set, a sieve, rhodoid paper, a pastry thermometer. Finally, you can also equip yourself with a pastry robot which will save you very precious time!

This is a list that can be completed with many of the pastry utensils that you find on this page.

Different pastry equipment and utensils depending on the recipes

In baking we use certain utensils more than others depending on the recipe we are preparing. Although certain utensils come back often like spatulas, bowls, or even brushes, others are used very rarely.

This is the case for example of cupcake corers, which are only used to form a hole in cupcakes or apples, this is also the case for the special sugar paste rolling machine, which can only be used with the sugar paste and not at all for making pasta.

Depending on the recipe, the necessary equipment therefore differs, for example to prepare a Savoie cake you will need these pastry utensils :

The Savoie cake mold or chimney mold is a round mold with a central tube which allows uniform cooking. Make sure to use a non-stick pan or butter it before pouring the batter. The whisk for mixing the ingredients. It's best to use a hand whisk or electric whisk to achieve a light and fluffy consistency. A baking bowl large enough to mix all your ingredients. A kitchen scale to get precise measurements of your ingredients. A spatula or spatula to gently incorporate the ingredients.

While to prepare an oriental cake like Baklawa Rolls you will only need a pastry brush to brown the baklawa, a pastry bowl to mix the ingredients and a baking tray to place your pastries.

Each recipe is therefore different and requires different baking utensils, which is why you will find such a multitude of equipment on our site.

Pastry equipment according to the occasion

You will also find in our category all the pastry equipment necessary to make your pastries for major annual events. Whatever the occasion, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you are planning to make a Christmas cake, use a log mold, a silicone plate, or even an insert mold. You will also need everything you need to decorate it.

For a birthday, use a rectangular or round cake mold, you will also need pastry bowls, a spatula, a whisk (depending on the recipe). But you can also use a Silikomart mold to give your cake a whole different style!

For the galette des rois, the pastry equipment is relatively simple, you will need a tart mold and a kitchen brush.

When you celebrate summer, ice cream molds and dessert molds will be perfect for preparing delicious and refreshing frozen desserts.

In short, you will find on our site all the pastry equipment necessary to make any cake depending on special occasions, but also depending on the time of year.

Pastry equipment, French excellence

Over the centuries, French pastry chefs have improved and pastry equipment has improved with them. Indeed the art of pastry as we call it today began in the Middle Ages, in castles the bakers used equipment made of wood or clay. Then in the 17th century we saw the first cookbooks and the first copper cake molds appear.

With the 18th century and the revolution, we saw more and more bakeries and pastries appearing in the streets.

During the industrial revolution of the 19th century, pastry equipment also underwent a revolution in France. With more industrial production of tin and copper molds, pastry utensils are taking up more and more space in homes. It is also at this time that we see the appearance of baking powder to raise cake batters.

In the 20th century, aluminum was used more and more in cooking equipment, the first kitchen robots and other electric mixers began to see the light of day.

Until we arrive at the pastry equipment that you know today and that we offer on our site: food-grade silicone molds were invented, offering a variety of incredible shapes. Stainless steel is becoming the number one metal in the composition of various utensils, cooking or not. You can also find cooking recipes in just a few clicks.

And in the future? Pastry equipment continues to evolve, always allowing more beautiful shapes, always simplified or revolutionized, we strive to always offer you pastry and kitchen utensils at the cutting edge of technology and new products!

Our objective is also to bring our supply and production locations closer together to offer you pastry equipment always at the best price and by being a player in our French regions.