Cupcake equipment

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Cupcake equipment

The Cupcake is a mini gourmet pastry that will delight all your guests. We have selected for you all the equipment for making and decorating cupcakes and/or muffins: from cupcake molds to cupcake and muffin cases, many choices of colors and sizes, you will also find cupcake boxes transport, cupcake displays or even cupake toppers for all your events (birthday, wedding, baptism, etc.)

In addition to the cupcake materials, you will find everything you need to decorate them. To personalize your cupcakes for a Baby Shower, a birthday or a wedding. Confetti, chocolate shavings and sugar balls to sprinkle on cupcakes, customizable wafer discs for cupcakes but also picks and cake toppers for cupcakes...

With Autour du Gâteau, you will have all the necessary equipment to prepare trendy and delicious cupcakes!

Find all the ways to make this dessert with our cupcake recipes .

The essential cupcake equipment:

Even though the cupcake is a rather simple pastry to make, you need some utensils and equipment to be able to make them.

Cupcake molds

The basis of the cupcake equipment: the mold.

To make pretty and delicious cupcakes, it is essential to have the right baking utensils. First of all, to obtain a pretty shape of cupcakes, the quality and size of the mold is essential.

On our site, you can find mold plates ranging from 6 to 24 muffins and of varying diameter. These molds are mostly made of aluminum and equipped with a non-stick coating.

The essential utensils

In addition to the molds, you will need some utensils to complete the cupcake equipment. A cupcake corer for making filled cupcakes can be useful, a utensil that will need to be completed with a filling tip.

You will also definitely need one or more tips to create the top of the cupcake with buttercream or icing, and when you say tips, you also say piping bags!

Our wide choice of nozzles and piping bags will allow you to make magnificent pipings in the shape of a flower or star for colorful toppings. It is an essential cupcake material.

Decorating the cupcakes

In addition to your cupcake materials, you will need decorations. Give free rein to your creativity and imagine cupcakes with ever crazier decorations. Our wide selection of decorations will allow you to decorate your cupcakes for all your occasions.

Traditional sprinkles are the essential little sugar decorations to scatter on cupcakes. In the form of mini pearls, vermicelli, confetti or even sugar crystals, they will wonderfully decorate your muffins. Their multitude of colors will also add a touch of color.

To match your cupcakes with your theme, you can then add cupcake toppers such as meringues or wafer roses or opt for a 100% personalized decoration with our customizable sugar discs.

Choose the photo of your choice which will then be printed on an edible sugar sheet. All you have to do is place them on your cupcakes for a unique decoration.

Cupcake displays

In addition to the cupcake materials, you need to be able to showcase them, for this you can use pretty tiered displays.

The tiers allow you to create volume and height to enhance your creations and create beautiful sweet tables. The displays are simply levels filled with several platforms to place your pastries.

Cupcake boxes

To finish this part on decoration and cupcake materials, you will find magnificent cupcake boxes on our site. Very useful if you want to transport them, these sturdy boxes will allow you to take them wherever you want without risking damage. You will have the choice with several formats from 4 to 24 cupcakes, including individual boxes.

Ingredients for cupcakes and muffins

In the essential cupcake equipment we also find the base: the ingredients.

With our cupcake mixes, don't waste any more time and make delicious cupcakes in no time. For even more speed, our buttercream and pastry cream preparations are just waiting to be applied to your cupcakes using a piping bag. You can choose the flavor, vanilla, chocolate or even strawberry according to your tastes.

Also find our food flavorings to flavor your preparations according to your desires.