Star Wars Birthday Decoration and Cake

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Decorate a Star Wars Birthday and Cake

All the Star Wars birthday and cake decorations are available at Autourdugâ!

Star Wars party accessories are a must-have for any fan looking to throw a themed soirée. With decorations such as balloons, banners, tablecloths, and plates, you can create an epic ambiance for your party. The franchise's iconic colors, such as black, white, and red, can be used to create a striking contrast. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a newcomer, a Star Wars birthday party will be a memorable event.

Don't forget to decorate the centerpiece: the cake, with premium Star Wars cake decorations! Spare no expense and sprinkle your cake design with black pearls, place an edible Darth Vader photo on top, plant lightsabers all around, and enjoy custom-made Star Wars marshmallows!

Star Wars Birthday Decoration and Cake

Star Wars themed decorations

Launch into Star Wars with Darth Vader and Yoda thanks to our range of Star Wars birthday decorations for a successful Star Wars birthday.

Star Wars table decorations are essential for a successful birthday party! Opt for our different products on the theme of this mythical saga to decorate your table in a galactic way: galaxy plates, Last Jedi cups, Star Wars napkins and tablecloths are in the spotlight to create a galactic atmosphere!

If you want to play on sobriety, use our colored disposable tableware: black, white or red plates, cups and tablecloths!

Star Wars birthday decorations

To dress up your room and immerse it in the Star Wars universe, discover our balloons featuring the heroes of the saga, also use our black pennant garlands for a galactic effect.

Why not opt for our Star Wars themed candles? Discover our set of 8 star candles which will fit perfectly into the world of the fantasy saga.

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Prepare a Star Wars themed cake

If you're looking for a cake idea for a Star Wars themed birthday party, look no further. This cake inspired by the intergalactic saga is the perfect choice for an epic evening. With iconic colors, impressive decorations and delicious taste, this cake is sure to impress your guests.

In order to make a Star Wars cake you will need a layer cake base, different colors of sugar paste (black, yellow and white) as well as our lightsabers for decoration.

Start by covering your cake with black sugar paste to enter the world of the saga.

Use our Star Wars letter template to cut out yellow sugar paste to write the name of the saga to stick on the front of the cake.

Use a push cookie cutter to make lots of little stars to place all over the cake.

To finish, place your lightsabers on the front of the cake next to the Star Wars writing.

Discover the entire recipe by clicking here.

Star Wars cake decorations

Now that your room is ready for Star Wars, let yourself be transported by Anakin, Darth Vader, Princess Leia and all the others thanks to our Star Wars cake decorations.

Accompany your cake with pretty little shortbread cookies in the shape of a rocket, stars or even a shooting star, decorating them in the colors of the Star Wars saga. You can cut out the shapes in your shortbread using our cookie cutters.

You can also use our black cake tray to keep this dark effect and use our star cupcake cases.

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Star Wars edible decorations

Awaken the strength within you with our edible Star Wars cake decorations. Discover our different types of sugar and edible wafer discs to place on your cakes or cupcakes.

Do you want to make this day unique? Use our customizable edible photos to personalize with your photo and text, place your photo alongside the iconic sage characters.

Inedible Star Wars decorations

Fight alongside the Stromtrooper and Darth Vader for your Star Wars birthday party!

Use our 3D figures representing the soldiers of the Galactic Empire and Anakin Skywalker. Also opt for our 12 lightsabers to place on your cake for a superb effect. You will also find our Star Wars caketoppers to personalize and keep after the birthday party.