Halal Baking Ingredients

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Halal Baking Ingredients

Autour du cake offers you a wide range of products for Halal certified cake design. From sugar paste to coloring, but also cake decoration and Halal preparations. Discover our wide range of Halal pastry products now.

Halal Baking Ingredients

Find a wide range of products all certified Halal to practice cake design. Discover everything you need below offered by Autour du cake of our pastry food products for the preparation and decoration of your cakes.

Our halal pastry products

Find many Halal certified products such as Swiss cream mix, meringue powder, pastry cream mix, sponge cake mix, white fondant icing and many other products. We make cake design accessible to everyone regardless of their diet.

Halal sugar paste

You want to use sugar paste to decorate your cake. We offer you a wide range of Halal sugar paste whether for covering your cake or modeling a subject in sugar paste. Enhance your cake with our Halal certified sugar pastes. If you want to use almond paste, you can also find our Halal certified almond pastes.

Halal ingredients and preparations for cake

Autour du cake also offers you numerous Halal preparations and ingredients for making your cakes. Short on time ? You can find our biscuit mixes, Swiss cream, pastry cream, royal icing, sponge cake mix or even our preparations for cupcakes, and donuts all certified Halal. You will also find our icings for halal cakes, halal chocolate chips or even Déco Melts pistoles for your cupcakes, popcakes or drip cakes.

Halal food colors

Need to add color to your cake design preparations? Use our Halal certified powder or gel food colors. You will also find Halal food markers.

Our halal cake decorations

Find our sugar sticks, sugar pearls or even mini Halal certified sugar balls for decorating all your pastries. You will also find halal chocolate decorations like our chocolate confetti or crispy chocolate pearls, all Halal certified.