Modeling molds for sugar paste

Modeling molds for sugar paste

Modeling mold for sugar paste

Discover our wide selection of molds for making sugar paste, marzipan, gumpaste or chocolate paste models. The modeling mold is essential if you are new to cake design and working with sugar paste.

In this category we offer for sale more than 100 top quality modeling molds for sugar paste.

Whether you are a beginner or a Cake Design professional, it is not always easy to make a sugar paste model. To help you and make your task easier, we offer molds specially designed for making sugar paste models but also for chocolates or isomalt decorations.

In addition to being easy to use, they allow you to make modeling quickly and therefore prevent you from wasting time decorating your cake. All our modeling molds are obviously suitable for contact with food.

Modeling molds for sugar paste decoration

On Autourdugâ you will find more than 150 models of sugar paste molds available for sale. We offer the famous brands Katy Sue Designs, Silikomart, Marvelous, Wilton, etc.

Baby modeling molds : Whether for a baby shower, a baptism or another birth party, we have plenty of molds for your modeling. You can model a baby in different positions, lying or sitting. You can also make models of a pram, an angel or even a rocking horse.

Flower modeling molds: You can model any type of flower in sugar paste such as: rose, daffodil, sunflower, poppy, etc. They are perfect for embellishing a wedding cake. It is also possible to model edible leaves, trees and bamboo for a tropical cake decoration.

Number and letter modeling molds: We don't forget the letter and number molds for sugar paste. They are ideal for writing a message or a first name in an original way on a cake. We have different scripts and different formats, including a pennant alphabet or a hearts alphabet.

Animal modeling molds : giraffe, dog, cat, lion, elephant, bear, monkey, etc. These sugar paste molds are the most used. It is indeed very trendy to make models of your children's favorite animals. They are particularly popular for decorating a jungle or safari themed cake.

You will also find one of our latest flagship new products: 3D modeling molds, allowing you to create magnificent 3D subjects in sugar paste in a few tens of minutes, the best news in all of this? This is because our 3D molds are produced in France.

Tips for using sugar paste modeling molds

The sugar paste modeling molds that we sell are relatively easy to use, however here are some tips before purchasing:

To begin, dust your modeling mold with icing sugar. Make a ball of sugar paste of the color you want. Fill the cavity of the mold with the sugar paste. Press lightly so that the sugar paste sets well. Then remove the excess sugar paste with a sugar paste scalpel knife. Finally, once the modeling has set, gently unmold. Your sugar paste modeling is ready to decorate your cake design.

Where to buy a modeling mold for sugar paste?

On Autourdugâ of course! With more than ten years of experience in cake design, we strive every day to bring you the best possible modeling molds. We ensure the good quality of the silicone, as well as its certification for food contact. The mussels that we sell to you are at a reasonable price and of top quality!